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You can find the guesthouse Ca` Bianca at Roccabruna, a village at the feet of Maira Valley that name comes from a rock of dark colors that towers in the it´s territory.

Roccabruna is the perfect point if you want to visit the high valleys (Maira, Grana and Varaita Valley) or the plaines and hills of the low valley (with the towns Busca, Caraglio, Cuneo and Saluzzo).

From here you can do different activities both for the enthusiasts of trekking or cycling (mountainbiking, citybiking or also E-biking) and for people that are in search of cultural holidays or total relax.
Monte Roccer

Archeological location of Mount RocceRè

A spritual and mysterious place that is fascinating for its morphology and views. Walking through its engraved rocks and outcroppings of white quartz crystal move you 4000 years back. In an area embraced by lush vegetation you can see the Boulder Altar, on which there is the most important incision of the site, the Roccias Fenestre , the Throne of the King and the Cave of Balmascura.


Abbey of San Costanzo Al Monte

It is one of the most ancient and most important monuments of the Province of Cuneo.

The construction of the building goes back to differente eras. The foundation year of a first church in stone, the one to the East, together with the subjacent crypt, was about 1190.

The most important characteristic of San Costanzo al Monte is the fact that the crypt has the same plan view as the church above.


Paths and trails

If you directly depart from Roccabruna it is possible to follow different trails and paths. Some of them walkable by mountain bike or e-bike, to discover the beauty of the nature and culture of the area.



The Ciciu Del Villar

Only a few kms from Roccabruna you can reach the Ciciu di Villar on foot and with a short excursion. They are part of the Occitan Trails and are characteristic geomorphological sculptures and look almost like stone mushroom formations in a naturalistic and historical region of high value.



If you want to spend a day outside of our guesthouse you can also reach the Langhe by car, a historical region in Piedmont between the Province of Cuneo and Asti, well known for its wines, good food and for its truffels.


The Deep Valley (Busca, Caraglio, Cuneo and Saluzzo)

The plains that are at the feet of our guesthouse are easily reachable with short trips by car or by bike (Busca and Caraglio are just a few kms far from our guesthouse Ca´ Bianca) and they give you the possibility to immerge into rich culture and art.

Some of them are attractions that you can visit departing from Cuneo with its large Galimberti Square and its typical and long galleries, to get to the old spinning factory, now seat of important art exhibitions. Not to forget different castles like the Roccolo of Busca or the castle of Manta along the street that leads you to Saluzzo, a splendid town, also called Florence of the North.


Dronero and Maira Valley

Dronero that you find close to our guesthouse, is the symbolic principal town as well as the door to the Maira Valley and it is the most densly populated municipality of the plains of the valley and high in services. It´s urban ambience is a fusion of feedback of architectural styles that proves to be a particular provincial town.


Of particular importance at Dronero is the museum Mallè, that exhibits collections of historic art from Luigi Malle.


Maira Valley close to our guesthouse is one of the most beautiful and wild valleys of the region. With its close meshed net of trails, old military streets and mule tracks it is the perfect destination for excursions or mountain bikers that are looking for a unique experience immerged in unpolluted nature.